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The ALP is a tool for Assessment of Learning Process

Tool-use learning is an integral part of developing human behaviour and involves using tools in a variety of activities. Knowledge of the tool-use learning process makes it easier to facilitate learning in others who are beginning to learn or re-learn to use a tool. The guide explains the ALP’s process-based nature, how the universal learning process was discovered, and the principles of applying the ALP-tool. The ALP-instrument is used to identify the child’s or adult’s starting-point for learning as knowing where the individual is in the process of tool-use understanding guides which facilitating strategies can best promote further learning.

Guide for application of the universal ALP-tool

This guide was written for the universal Assessment of Learning Process (ALP) but the principles for application are the same for the ALP tool, version 2.0 and ALP for AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). The guide will continuously be refined and updated, this first version was uploaded 18th of July 2023.

Download Guide for application of the ALP-tool

Universal ALP-tool (Assessment of Learning Process)

The universal ALP-tool can be applied with any kind of tool-use involved in occupational performance: simple or complex, using hand tools or equipment for communication or mobility, and associated accessories. The ALP-tool was developed during a rigorous analytical grounded theory process in the field of powered mobility intervention. The identified learning process is universal and can be used to assess learning of any occupational performances involving tool use.

  • ALP-instrument is used for assessment of a user’s actual performance and tool-use understanding
  • ALP-facilitating strategies provides ideas for how to facilitate progress in the learning process

Instrument and facilitating strategies are used hand in hand to enable learning of tool use. The idea is that if you can understand a person’s actual phase of learning, you are able to tailor the “just right challenge” in the tool use practise situation.

Universal ALP-tool, (instrument and facilitating strategies)
Download universal ALP-instrument

Download universal ALP-facilitating strategies

ALP-tool (Assessment of Learning Powered mobility use)

ALP-tool, version 2.0 (instrument and facilitating strategies)
Download ALP-tool

Nilsson L, Durkin J. Assessment of learning powered mobility use—Applying grounded theory to occupational performance. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2014;51(6):963–74.
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