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Tiro – The learning tool

Tiro – The learning tool

ClaraThe special powered wheelchair – C300TIRO – the learning tool™

A powered wheelchair designed for the method Driving to Learn™

During the development of the method Driving to Learn™ it became obvious that there was a need for a special powered wheelchair to succeed with the training.

In June 1994, cooperation with the Swedish manufacturer Permobil AB was initiated. The aim was to develop a suitable training-chair for children. A first prototype for children and teenagers came 1996, and a second prototype for adults in 1998. The design of a One-for-All prototype – an Entra with the TIRO-concept was ready in 2002. It was tested during 2003 and presented to the market in April 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden. When the Entra model expired the project was cold. Cooperation was regained in 2007 but now with Permobil Europe. During the autumn 2009 the latest version of the special powered wheelchair was ready: C300TIRO – the learning tool™.

One exemplar of C300TIRO can be used by infants as well as tall adults. The adjustment from child to adult size takes around 30 seconds and is done without tools. The most important adjustments concern the seating depth, the distance to the footrests and the distance to the joystick – which is center-mounted in a transparent tray.

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